About Captain Joe:

Joe Bowen (aka Captain Joe) was born in Milwaukee, WI in 1985. He grew up for most of his life in Lake Orion, MI. Eventually was able to reach the level of Eagle Scout and graduate high school in 2003. The captain went to college at Purdue University and graduated in 2007 with a Bachelors of Science in Computer Engineering.

For more information or to contact the Captain, please visit his LinkedIn page.

About Captain Joe's Search for Beal's Treasure:

The Captain's search for Beal's Treasure began in the Spring of 2013 after reading a news article discussing the math theorem and prize. Previous work done by Peter Norvig was used in the creation of a first generation program designed to search for the solution that would prove Beal's Conjecture false. This took Peter's single thread program and updated it to run on multiple cores. From there it was expanded to a local cluster with several multi-core servers. This was a great improvement from the single threaded program developed by Peter (it also helped that Peter tested his program on a 400Mhz computer and the Captain was working with much newer hardware). But this still wasn't enough, more had to be done. Thus, the Captain came up with a plan of encouraging others to participate and hopefully becoming more interested in math!

So come join the Captain on his search!


First, the Captain would like to thank the Academy...

He jokes, in fact he has several people he would like to thank.

  • Andrew Beal for his creation of Beal's Conjecture.
  • Peter Norvig for his initial work to prove Beal's Conjecture false.
  • My parents, Joe and Paula Bowen. What else can I say but thank you.
  • My uncle, Gregg Gaudin. You taught me BASIC in 5th grade, without that who knows where I'd be.